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Okay guys, I love you all, but i won't be back till Sunday. I m going on vacation to Mexico for a week but then i'll be back. Sorry to leave on such short notice but i have to, i mean it's vacation,lol. Well i hope you guys kick butt, and when i come back the Hoochie of the league will destroy any challengers coming to our gym, Bye, hear from you guys on Sunday, unless my hotel has wifi, oh that would be good,lol.
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I was just totally banned from pokewifi because I typed the cheap way of typing they said. They said i had to use proper english language. Instead i used 4, instead of 4, what the hell! They totally screwed the hell up I think it's freakin hilarious.  I just started laughing when i found out i was banned. Oh well i guess i can't post on there anymore, lol.
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Hey everyone! I'm still searching for some pokemon, and if anyone wants to trade for them i would be very thank-ful. 
Heres a list of what I'm looking for in order:
and Lugia

Heres a List of what I have
Ditto and some others if you want them:
I'm also looking for the item, Moon stone, so if your willing to trade that would be so helpful and thnx.

On WiFi my name is Tee and my gamer code is 0430 4894 5699

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Does anyone have a JIrachi that they will trade becuase i really want one

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